How do I order?

It's easy to order from www.spanishbooks.ca If this is your first time purchasing from our store, just follow these three easy steps:

1. Browse the catalog.

2. Add the item you want to your shopping cart.

3. Complete the checkout flow.

You will be asked for your e-mail address and a password to register yourself as a customer. Then, the next time you shop with us, we will have your information already stored, and you won't need to input it again.

FAQs for eBooks?

What is an eBook?

An eBook is a digital book. Is the digital publication of a book and readable on computers or electronic devices.

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud is the name we have chosen for your eLibrary – private online site where you can store and have access for download and reading the eBooks that were bought in SpanishBooks.ca

Where are my eBooks?

In the Cloud! And you can have access to it through “My eLibrary”. All the eBooks that you have bought or free downloaded in SpanishBooks.ca will be stored in your eLibrary.

Can I download the eBooks in my Cloud anytime I want?

Of course! You only need to be connected to the internet to have access to your eLibrary and download.

Can I read the eBooks in my Cloud from all my devices?

Yes, you can have access to your Cloud from all the devices that you have certified with your Adobe ID account.

Also from my iPad or my iPhone??

Of course! Just don’t forget to download to your device at least one application that allows you to read the eBooks that are protected with Adobe DRM (Digital Right Management). There are many free options like the Apps.

Which are the eBooks advantages??

Accessible: In any moment, from any part of the world, without limitations.

Immediate: Once your shopping is done, you can download your eBook from your eLibrary directly, or through the link that you will receive by email.

Inexhaustible: The titles in our catalogue are always available, without any quantity limitations.

Ecological: The eBooks format is clean and ecological and it helps to reduce paper consumption.

Light: You can store and organized hundreds of publications in a minimum space. Economic: The eBook price is usually lower than the paper version.

Secure: The data transmission in our store is made in a very secure way, using a HTTPS protocol and

What program do I need to read the eBooks?

To download an eBook you need to have installed in your electronic device Adobe Digital Editions, which is free software.

Can I download the same eBook in several electronic devices?

Yes, but before the download begins you must have certified the devices with an unique account of Adobe ID.

Can I print or copy the eBook?

It depends. All permits will be specified in the technical card of each publication. If the eBook you want has the permit to be printed once. Then, there is an interruption in the printing process, for example, you run out of paper or ink, Adobe Digital Editions will identify the restart of the previous print, as a second printing time, and it will not let you keep printing.

Can I use the eBook in any portable device?

The eBooks that are protected with DRM can be downloaded in several devices such as Sony Reader Digital Book, KOBO Touch,etc and all the devices must be authorized under the same Adobe ID account. We cannot guarantee the compatibility with any device that hasn’t been mentioned here. For the list of Digital Editions Supported Devices, please go to:


Where can I turn to if I have any problem with the download and use of the eBook?

If you find any problems in the download or use of the eBook, our technical team will help you out within a maximum time of 48 working hours from our Asistente.