Cuentos para pensar

Publisher: Tusquets

Spanish Description : Jorge Bucay nos ofrece ahora estas historias, fruto de su propia inventiva. Su objetivo es crear un vínculo con el lector en el que el cuento se convierta en un lazo único con el escritor. Bucay ante todo hace una apología de la solidez y la fiabilidad de la indiscutible mirada del sentido común.

English Description : Jorge Bucay offers these stories with a twist of his own creativity. This book contains a series of allegorical short stories, which, like other tales, deal with simple and yet profound aspects of life and enable us to meditate and reflect upon them. Bucay above all, makes a praise of the firmness and reliability of the unquestionable watched over common sense. "Stories are used to put kids to sleep, and to wake up adults," he states.

Author: Jorge Bucay
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