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Los amigos que perdí

Author: Jaime Bayly
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Publisher: RBA

Spanish Description :

English Description : Manuel is a single man. He lives in a big house in one of Miami´s neighboring islands. He stands there, absorbed in his thoughts, watching as lizards fall in a pool and hoping for the phone to ring; but it won´t ring. Manuel has lost those friends whom he wishes would call. He lost them because of his selfishness, because they were his inspiration for the novels that made him famous and at the same time, condemned him to the indifference and the silence of those he now misses. This is a collection of letters to the friends he betrayed by divulging their innermost secrets, dreams and sexual orientations. These are the letters Manuel writes to those friends he regains only in his imagination: Melanie, with whom he had more than a friendship; Daniel, who thought him to dance and visit brothels; Sebastián, the handsome actor with whom he maintained a secret affair; his friend Manuel, who also dreamt of being a writer; and Dr. Guerra, an aristocrat who thought him the love for books, journalism and strolls through the Parque del Retiro in Madrid.

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